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Howdy folks! I’m John P. And I’ve got a pretty crazy story to tell you that is 100% true!!!

Texas Metal Works, the parent of WeldProjects, was founded a few years ago really for the sole purpose of creating two things:

  1. Public and Corporate Art projects
  2. DIY kits that ANYONE can build of super cool stuff

I’m into a lot of different things, but the one I really desire the most is to create ART! I am a bladesmith, blacksmith and Direct Metal Sculptor. I have served on public Art boards and helped purchase millions of dollars worth of public art. But I really want to be able to create things that others can enjoy!

Well, to do so, years ago I built the first fabrication table for myself. I needed a really strong, flat surface. So I designed it and built it, and then shared it on social. Surprise! A bunch of other people wanted them too! So my brother and I teamed up, we invested a bunch of time and money, and now Texas Metal Works is one of the largest fabrication table makers in the world. And this means that we were able to purchase a BOATLOAD of new equipment to build all our stuff!!!

You see where this is going? :-) Now, I have access to some of the world’s most powerful lasers, CNC press brakes, robots, a whole team of professional fabricators… and in what little spare time we have, I can now build HUGE works of art! It’s a dream come true!!! Literally!

This brings us to #2!

Now that we have millions of dollars worth of infrastructure we want to make those tools available to EVERYONE!!! And for more than a year we’ve been in stealth development mode with 3 full time engineers designing, testing and refining all sorts of projects that we want to make available so that anyone with a little fabrication skill can put them together and have something amazing they can be super proud of!

That’s where this site comes in…

We are going to be continually releasing new and amazing fully engineered projects, compete with build instructions, video walk throughs, and real live feedback and discussion right here on the forums. Our friends and customers will have actual access to our designers, our fabricators, and our leadership team.

It’s our intention to do everything we possibly can to make these projects fun, successful, and a serious source of pride for everyone involved! And I also believe there is a real opportunity for people to purchase our kits, fabricate them, and sell them as a side hustle! Or maybe even a full time hustle!

So, that’s my story in a nutshell. I can’t wait to meet everyone else. Please share a bit of your background and also a little about what you hope to get out of all of this! I’ll be reading every single post, and will always be available to help however I can.


John P. - Founder, Texas Metal Works

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